Flat Rate Expenses Allowances

Every year, thousands of euros go unclaimed in the flat rate expenses allowances. This is mostly because people are not aware of what flat rate expenses are, who is eligible to claim and how to claim. This article contains brief information on:

What is a flat-rate expense allowance?

Flat-rate expenses are allowances that are provided to individuals in a selected range of occupations. Flat-rate expenses are for covering the cost of work-related equipment such as tools, uniforms, and stationery. Individuals must incur these costs for performing their job duties, and the costs must be directly related to the nature of their job.

Am I eligible to claim flat-rate expenses?

There is a list of occupations that are eligible for the flat rate expenses allowances. You can find this list at the end of this article. If your job comes on this list, then you are entitled to flat-rate expenses. A fixed amount is allocated to every occupation on this list.

For example, the flat-rate expenses allowance allocated to a Nurse is €733.

How can I claim flat-rate expenses?

You can receive a flat-rate expense allowance only if you claim it. In some cases where your employer provides this information to the revenue, you will automatically receive this tax credit/relief every year. But, in most cases, you must claim them yourself by completing and submitting a Form 12 to the Revenue.

And, if you have not checked this yet, you might have missed out thousands of euros from the past years. So, we suggest you check this now.

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